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Intl. Docu. Films' Festival 2012

Are We Doing Enough

Ahmad & Lydia


Film: “Sex Education in Malaysia: Are we doing enough?”



The documentary explores the controversial issue of sex education being offered in Malaysian local schools; a subject the Malaysian government has been sidestepping for decades. Through a series of revealing, in-depth interviews with students, teachers, Marina Mahathir (the daughter of ex-Prime Minister), and many discovers the truth behind why sex education is lagging in Malaysia.




In the wake of an alarming rise in numbers of HIV/AIDS cases, rape and incest victims and unwanted pregnancies in Malaysia, there is an urgent need to broaden the scope of sex education in local schools.


It is imperative that parents, teachers and the Malaysian government address the fact that a lack of proper sex education in local schools (and in the home), is having an adverse health effect on the youth and the future of the nation.


Sadly, over many years, this issue has not been adequately tackled due to the repressive political (and social) environment in which Malaysians live today. We ask the question: How will the dream of becoming a first-world nation ever be achieved, with Malaysia’s third-world mentality regarding such an imperative social issue?


This documentary is an independent production, produced and funded by Lydia Lubon and Ahmad Yazid. Malaysia is a country in which young people are expected not to ask questions or talk about “sensitive” issues. This documentary served as a platform not only for young people, but also adults to voice their frustrations about this dire social situation.

Our target audience is young Malaysians, parents and influential figures in our society.


Director’s Biography:


Lydia Lubon and Ahmad Yazid have directed this documentary.


Lydia Lubon, whose mother is American and father is a Malaysian, graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in Communications. After four years of study in the U.S.A, she decided to return to her roots in Asia. For the past two years Lydia has been working as a freelance writer in Kuala Lumpur for various local publications and TV productions. This is her first documentary.


Ahmad Yazid has learned everything he knows about TV production from his father, who runs his own production house in Johor Bahru. From the tender age of 9, Yazid has been taking up duties such as editing, switching, camerawork, directing and producing. Currently, Yazid is working in Kuala Lumpur as a freelance video editor. This is his first documentary.


Awards : “Justin Louis Award”, Freedom Film fest 2004,

“Gold Winner” Best Short Film – Documentary @ 9th Malaysian Video  Awards 2004.